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Dominic InglotName: Dominic Inglot
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Dominic Inglot comes from United Kingdom the same as 14 other players in the 2013 Australian Open and the 14th most represented country. Dominic Inglot’s place of birth is London, England.

2013 Australian Tennis Open

Dominic Inglot was born in 1986 on the 6th March the same year as 36 other players and also a older player, with the average year of birth being 1987. Of the 599 players we assessed here, Dominic Inglot being born in March represents 9.35% of the 599 players, the highest birth month being May which represents a 11.69%.

Join Sportingbet AustraliaHeight and Weight

We have a recorded height of 1.96 metres for Dominic Inglot, when compared with other players the tallest player in the competition is 2.08 metres and the shortest is 1.55 metres, with the average being 1.81 metres, this makes Dominic Inglot 0.15 metres taller than the average player.

Dominic Inglot weighs in at 95 kilos the heaviest player weighed in at 104.5 and the lightest at 45 kilos, the average player weight is 73.73 and therefore makes Dominic Inglot 21.26 kilos heavier than the average.

Tennis Playing Style

Dominic Inglot is recorded as a Right hand player, the same as 356 other players in the competition, of the 419 players we analysed for this statistic, 84.9% play right handed and 15.1% play left handed.

Current Statistics & Tennis Playing History

Dominic Inglot has a current singles ranking of 892 and a doubles ranking of 39.

For the 2013 Australian Open Dominic Inglot entered the Men’s Doubles.

We do not have the year Dominic Inglot turned professional.

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