Estrella Cabeza Candela

Estrella Cabeza CandelaName: Estrella Cabeza Candela
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Estrella Cabeza Candela comes from Spain the same as 32 other players in the 2013 Australian Open and the 5th most represented country.

2013 Australian Tennis Open

Estrella Cabeza Candela was born in 1987 on the 20th February the same year as 56 other players and also a older player, with the average year of birth being 1987. Of the 599 players we assessed here, Estrella Cabeza Candela being born in February represents 8.85% of the 599 players, the highest birth month being May which represents a 11.69%.

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Sorry, we do not have any height data for Estrella Cabeza Candela

Unfortunately we do not have weight data for Estrella Cabeza Candela.

Tennis Playing Style

We do not have Estrella Cabeza Candela playing hand information.

Current Statistics & Tennis Playing History

Estrella Cabeza Candela has a current singles ranking of 110 and a doubles ranking of 470.

For the 2013 Australian Open Estrella Cabeza Candela entered the Women’s Qualifying Singles.

We do not have the year Estrella Cabeza Candela turned professional.

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