I work at a golf course. Today, I called my boss and told him I was sick even though I wasn’t. I took a nap and forgot about telling my boss. He was not too pleased when I showed up later that day to play a quick 18. golf

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Here is what the golf community thinks;

I'm less concerned with the fact that you forgot to tell your boss and more concerned with the fact that you decided to play hooky at your place of employment as if you forgot you worked there.

That's when you go with the "thought I had food poisoning- my stomach was all messed up." Cleared up after a couple hours tho.

This. Got to go with the stomach clearing up approach and just throw in how you basically shit yourself all morning and feel better. I wouldn't ask any follow ups after that if I was your boss. 15 second conversation tops. And you got some golf in.

Go one further and actually shit in a pair of old pants and take a photo, be ready to show him the pictures if necessary.

Reminds me of the kids who would cut class in high school and play handball on the Court right outside

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