Karolina Pliskova Svetlana Kuznetsova -Post match thread *Spoilers inside* tennis

Pliskova 6 – 3 Kuznetsova

Pliskova 2 – 6 Kuznetsova

Pliskova 6 – 7 (6-8) Kuznetsova

Here is what the tennis community thinks;

What a crazy game that really defines what WTA is to me. Many swings, up and down. Pliskova looked like she was going to stomp Kuznetsova, won first set rather comfortably and starts the 2nd set out with a break as well. Then Kuznetsova gained momentum and rolled over Pliskova and took that momentum into the 3rd set as well climbing to a 4-1 lead. Pliskova overcame it initially and made it 3-4 but was down 15-40 in her service when Kuznetsova threw 2 points she should have won away to deuce the game. Kuznetsova broke her anyway to make it 5-3 but then Pliskova went on to win 3 games in a row and was on serve and up 30-0 but then Kuznetsova bounced back once again to win 4 straight points to take the game thus making the set and the match come down to a tiebreak. Kuznetsova had several match points that she blew before she eventually finished the match when she was leading 7-6 in the tiebreak and Pliskova had 2 serves.

What a crazy and ridiculous match with insane swings, but very entertaining indeed.

Kuzzzy needs more love she's put together a really great career She came on as the big hitter with no mental game. Put it together for a slam then was the one slam wonder. Picked up another one and overcame injury to get back near the top Outside of Venus and Serena she's really the last one standing from that early 2000s generation.

Yeah. I have a rough time figuring her out tho. Idk how she can lose to Wozniacki etc when she has so much power and can dictate points on that, but still sometimes she lets players play around with her.

She actually has a really good all court game and can mix it up, good at net etc. I think she starts to lose when she starts just trying to batter the ball like a Keys or Kvitova.

Yeah true. I just feel like she gets too passive (when she doesnt have to be) and makes too many 'unnecessary' unforced errors (playing with margin when theres no need to for example).

I can definitely see that it reminds me of one of the (few lol) insightful things Carillo said about her. Kuznetsova described her game as like Hingis. And Carillo was like "What?!? She just needs to hit the ball, go for her shots and she can beat almost anyone the other stuff is great back up" or something to that effect.

She should really be playing a Serena like game.

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