Klopp has now been in charge for effectively a whole season at Liverpool. This is how the PL table looks during those 38 Games.

Suck a dick Palace, not at the bottom of this table. #hawaythelads

Here is what the soccer community thinks;

Seems as they're a Bolton fan they probably knows a thing or two about goal difference and what it can mean.

They were relegated in 97/98 because of it.

to think bournemouth would be at -26 before last weekend yet is still higher than sunderland, swansea and crystal palace…

Between Spurs and City for the title, my opinion. Spurs have an extra years experience in a young squad that was improved in the summer. Hate to say it.

If it weren't for the fact that Arsenal have a history over the last decade of Arsenaling it up, I definitely think they would be being mentioned as title contenders now

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