Lionel Messi(743) needs 1 more goal or assist to have same number of career goal+assists as Cristiano Ronaldo(744). soccer

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Players from Red Bull Leipzig celebrate a 3-1 win at home to Werder Bremen a result that sees them go second in the Budesliga
Mamelodi Sundowns of South Africa win their first CAF Champions League title with a 3-1 aggregate victory over Zamalek of Egypt.
A Steve N'Zonzi goal sends Sevilla to the top of La Liga after a 1-0 win at home to Atlético
Chelsea players celebrate the fourth goal of their convincing 4-0 win at home to Manchester United
Carlos Alberto Torres, Brazil's 1970 FIFA World Cup-winning captain passes away at the age of 72.

Here is what the soccer community thinks;

This is assuming Ronaldo doesn't score or assist one of course.

Player Messi Ronaldo




Apps 642 815
Goals 523 557
Assists 220 187


All time Club:-


Apps 355 463
Goals 319 349
Assists 128 117



Apps 114 135
Goals 56 66
Assists 36 23

LEAGUE(includes Premier league appearances for ronaldo):-


Apps 355 463
Goals 319 349
Assists 128 117

EUROPE -(UEFA Super Cup goals are included in "Other Cups"):-


Apps 108 136**
Goals 89 96*
Assists 25 33

OTHER CUPS -(Copa Del Rey, Spanish Super Cup,FA Cup, League Cup, Community Shield,Club World Cup, UEFA Super Cup)


Apps 79 81
Goals 59 46
Assists 31 14


*Includes goal in Cl qualifier for Man Utd

**Includes 4 Appearances in CL qualifier for Man Utd(3) and Sporting(1) and 2 appearances in Europa League for Sporting

Barcelona play Granada while Real Madrid play Alaves away. Got a feeling we're long overdue for a Ronaldo hattrick, but I'm sure Messi will get a couple vs the team last in the league

To be fair the post is a little misleading, Messi and Ronaldo were tied before in all time goals + assists, Ronaldo just took a slight lead and it looks like Messi will catch him.

The title makes it seem like Messi has been on Ronaldo's tail and finally about to catch him for the first time when thats really not the case.

Are you sure there were tied at some point ? For clubs the comparison in recent seasons goes :

2013-2014 : Ronaldo +10
2014-2015 : Messi +3
2015-2016 : Ronaldo +2
2016-2017 : Messi +12

For country :

2013 : Ronaldo +1
2014 : Messi +5
2015 : Messi +4
2016 : Ronaldo +2

Mate, if someone is behind and they pass the other guy, the two players 100% need to be tied at some point. It might be a 5 minute period in a game, it might be a week, it might be a month but at some point these players were tied. In fact, they were tied multiple times given that the person ahead changed multiple times.

Yes but my point is that Ronaldo was always ahead overall. My stats are comparison season by season (Messi is not currently +12 overall for example, just for this season).

This post is proof that if you start a statement with "Mate…" everyone assumes you have just won the banter exchange, even if what you follow it up with is completely wrong.

Yeah I've seen a few posts like the OP multiple times last year. I would try and find it but with Reddit's search system I probably wouldn't be able to.

I'm fairly positive that they were previously tied though

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