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Nic Naitanui

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Nic Naitanui currently plays for the West Coast Eagles and was born on the 4th May 1990 ( 68 other players in the league were born in 1990, the most common year of birth is 1992 giving an average age of 22).

Nic currently stands at 201 centimeters tall ( which is taller than the AFL average player height of 188 centimeters) and weighs 109kg’s ( which is heavier than the AFL average player weight of 87.4 kg’s ). Naitanui had his AFL debut in Round 12 of 2009 (53 other players also had their debut in 2009).

Nic played 22 games in 2012 ( average number of games played by players was 12.97 and 66 other players also played 22 games) and has now played 77 games in his entire career, the average being 62.3 games and the same as 3 other players in the league.

Nic scored 24 goals in 2012 which is above the average in 2012 of 8.15 goals and the same as 3 other players.

In his entire career Nic has scored 54 goals the same as 5 other players and above the average of 38.54 goals.

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