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I've been trying to get into baseball for a while. It's the only professional sport that can even hold my interest and I'd like to get into it as much as other people do.

And having grown up about a mile from Wrigley field, the Cubs have always been the team I supported (even if I don't know any of the players or the difference between a National League and American League team).

But with the Cubs looking like they might make it this year I'm seeing a lot of support online for them. On the one hand it's good that they're getting so much attention, but on the other it irks me because they're my team by virtue of spending eighteen years practically next door to them and I'm only starting to become an actual baseball follower just as everyone starts loving the Cubs solely because they're maybe about to end a long losing streak.

It doesn't matter.

Sure, you might get called a bandwagon fan if you start following more avidly now, but as long as you don't only show up at playoff time every year and start spouting bullshit, then you're just a fan.

Unfortunately this is what happens when you start winning. I feel bad for the Indians and Cubs fanbases and what kinds of fans they are about to pick up in the coming days.

Look what happened with the Jays, their base has almost become as bad as the Yankees, and theyve only won the ALDS.

What matters though is how you present yourself and treat your own fandom. If you have genuinely started making a connection to your team, then thats awesome. Fuck the bandwagoners, they'll be off as soon as they find someone else to cling to. Stick with your team through thick and thin, treat other teams, visiting fans and your own fans with the respect they deserve and enjoy being part of something beyond yourself.

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