Why does Sportscenter keep changing the format of the show Why can they not just show highlights instead of the latest drama in sports

I feel like most people who tune in to Sportscenter would be much more interested in a program that just shows highlights across all sports. I just find it strange, because I don’t think it is a ratings issue. Sportscenter is one of those shows that will always be on in every sports bar/ restaurant, in the back ground in many social settings, etc. Are they just attempting to keep up with the times in this social media-centric society? Why don’t they just get back to their roots of showing highlights only? Can we start a petition or something to let them know that we don’t care to hear about the same teams/ athletes 24/7?

Here is what the Sports community things

If you remember ESPN when it was highlight-heavy, you remember that the shift away from highlights really kicked in during the mid-2000s. Right as online options like Youtube were really taking off as alternatives to view sports highlights.

Pretty much this. There’s so many more outlets now that Sportscenter needs to be different than the crowd these days.

Here in Canada, TSN and Sportsnet run highlights from like 1am to noon during the week. It’s quite convenient.

I just follow Sportscentre and Sportsnet on Youtube. I probably know more about the Jays than your average Toronto fan at this point.

Because it gets the ratings! If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. If it’s nothing but sports, that market shrinks, therefore less revenue.

I don’t know if they aim for a younger demographic, but I hated how they started playing music over highlights and made them so quick. Thank god for the MLB network for me. they show long highlights and you can get a feel for the plays. Same with NFL Network. it seems to me everything ESPN does is wrong. seems pretty easy to fix. oh also the hosts doing the whole comedy schtick sucks too. just play the fucking highlights. its like Guy Fieri, I like all the places he goes too but I hate his fucking running commentary. just show me the shit.

They’ve been playing music for at least the last 15+ years. The problem is, they don’t play that Buffalo Bills song nearly as much as they use to.

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