With 10 points in 6 games, Auston Matthews has sole possession of the NHL lead in points. hockey

Auston Matthews – 10pts

(Players directly behind him)

Stamkos – 9pts

Anisimov – 9pts

Nylander – 9pts

McDavid – 9pts

Burns – 9pts

Pavelski – 9pts

Here is what the hockey community thinks;

Yeah, with almost 2 and a half times the shot rate I'm really hoping Matthews can hold off Panik for the Rocket Richard, it'll be a close one.

Mmhmm yep nope I don't see anybody beating Jack Skille of the Canucks. A soild 4th/3rd/Whateverthefuckwillieputstogether line player? With the word SKILL in his name? My god you'd be dumb not to bet on him.


I think it's modern art slam poetry or something. It's like the Jackson Pollock of hockey analysis comedy.

Really, it's kind of beautiful in a tortured way.

Well they did have that sarcasm tag thing and were clearly making a joke.

I just don't know enough of what they're trying to say to understand the joke.

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