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Hello all,

Quick question – been getting mild wrist pain – have seen the club physio and she says its just standard pain from contact usage (I would love to say it was the insane fends but lets be realistic!).
She did mention strapping up with tape could/would help

Shes gone on holiday so anyone have any half decent videos/guides on how to strap wrists? I have underwrap, zinc oxide tape and can get anything else needed.

Here is what the rugbyunion community thinks;

I'm shite at wrapping my limbs so I always find the saltiest old fucker in the club and ask him to do it – without fail, I get a perfect wrap. Try that?

I'be been using something like bondage tape – bought is years ago in a drugstore, like 3 m long, split in the middle and taped the wrists. Washed it many times, was still good until I fucking lost the both pieces I have no idea where. Was quite good – protected the wrists from over-stretching. Now I use just the DRACO Sport Tape, 3.8 cm wide – just 2-3 times around the wrist with minimal tension – works great.

Basically just wrap your wrist from about 1cm onto your hand to about 6cm down your arm. This should be tight enough to prevent your hand from going to any odd angles but loose enough so you can still move a bit.

This video shows how it should end up, I think they go a bit over the top, for me zinc oxide tape with some electrical tape on top is how every physio I've ever been to has done it.

It would work but I've always found I can get the compression dialled in better if I don't have to worry about doing it tight enough to old it on.

It really doesn't hurt much/at all taking it off after a game anyway

I religiously taped both wrists before every match for this very reason. Just using standard athletic tape, I would put about 5cm on the inside of my wrist sticky side down, then reverse the direction so that the sticky side was up when I got the the hairy side of my wrist. Have it just cover the bump on the outside of your wrist. Go around 3 or 4 times and reverse one more time to lock it in with a wrap and a half of sticky side in. You have to play with the flexing of the wrist as you tape to get the right level of compression (enough to provide stability when you shock load it with a fend but not so much as to overly restrict circulation).

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